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Dental Care Clinic In Abu Dhabi | Misconceptions About Dental Health

There are popular myths about almost everything. Some of them are popular that it seems too hard to realize that the fact is just opposite of that. Here are the 7 most popular myths about dental-health in which some of them will surprise you.

White teeth shows healthy teeth

There is no contention about the matter that white teeth are the prettiest. Everyone detests yellowish teeth and those who with the yellow teeth often became the subject of shame and embarrassment. The white teeth which resemble pearl are considered as healthy.  But how many of us know that the shade or colour of the teeth don’t necessarily exhibit how healthy they are. The health status of your teeth is often determined by the presence of cavities, gum health and jaw-bone health. Thus next time you see a pure white teeth on someone, never assume it is healthy.

It’ll hurt if you have infection in mouth

Well, not necessarily. The acute oral infections like abscessed teeth, periodontal abscesses etc do hurt a lot. But the oral infections that results in these acute state doesn’t hurt at all. Most of the dental problems are chronic low-grade infections that wouldn’t hurt until it gets worse.
Bleeding gum is normal!

Actually no; People tend to believe that it happens to everyone, but the fact is that bleeding gum is a sign of gum disease as a result of the accumulated calculus deposited and stuck in your teeth that cause the gum swell and bleed. You should visit the best dentist in Abu Dhabi on a regular basis so as to resist this issue because gum disease if left untreated may even leads to the loosing of your teeth.

Proper brushing is fine. No need to floss

Wrong. Through brushing only 65% dirt is being cleaned. No matter how hard you try, your brush can’t get into every nooks and corner of the mouth even if you use highly sophisticated ultra-thin tooth brush. The food debris deposited in those areas could only be removed through the dental floss. Failing to do it on a regular basis will eventually result in cavities. Learn how to floss properly from a good dentist near you.

 No need to see dentist for the baby teeth as it will be replaced naturally.

It’s true that it’s quite natural; the fall of the baby tooth will be replaced with a new one naturally. Besides, baby-teeth are as important as permanent teeth as the infection and cavities in baby-tooth also ruin their oral-health. It also will hurt severely. The health of this tooth also has a role in guiding the erupting permanent teeth to the right position. If the baby-tooth is removed too early or too late usually results in misalignment. Thus always ensure to visit a dentist for your child so as to protect the future permanent teeth of your kid. Consulting a good dentist for your child in Abu Dhabi reduce the risks.

 Use of toothpaste and mouthwash would be fine.

Certainly toothpastes and mouthwashes have its benefits. But it doesn’t mean that they are enough for maintaining a good oral-health. For that you need to visit a dentist near you in UAE on a regular basis so as to get rid of the doubts and maintain perfect oral health. You need to physically remove the infection from its hiding places.

Dental procedures are painful

This fear keeps many away from the dentists. But know that a dentist is not someone who inflicts pain. Most dental procedures are least painful. Some might experience sensitivity and discomfort. But they are not long-lasting and that pain will be gone just after the procedures. A good dentist in Abu Dhabi knows how to soothe you well during the procedures.
These misconceptions are widely popular that it will remain so that until people show willingness to study the facts before they swallow something just like that. Always remember to check for facts before blindly believing something you hear. You need to seek the advice from a best dental clinic in UAE to solve all your queries.

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