Sunday, 26 February 2017


How nice would it have been if work was short and vacations long... 
Sounds like a distant dream right? Today though man has made rapid strides in technology and invented several time-saving tools and appliances, our lives have only got busier. In spite of all the inventions to free up our time, we spend increasing hours toiling at our workplace, only to reach home at late hours after spending hours through smoke-filled crawling traffic. Sometimes we bring work home too. Where has the much sought free time gone?

The worst malady of the modern professional is the dearth of time to relax and give oneself much needed physical and emotional rest. Instead we do a quick research on fast fixes for daily healthy problems, and try our best to remain fit without taking a pause from work. We buy exercise equipment, and work out on it while sipping on nutritious stuff. We pop nutritional supplements to compensate for the lack of proper food at proper times. In our busy schedule, taking care of our body becomes simply another chore to be quickly performed and dismissed.

The fact is simple - we cannot work against the laws of nature. If we try to do it, we just break ourselves. Nature intends us to rest. The entire animal kingdom rests in between moments of effort. Humans are not an exception.

So keeping this in mind, let use see how one can remain fit and healthy in spite of busy schedules, by making small yet significant changes.

1.    Pause every now and then. Whatever work you are doing, take out a few moments to close your eyes and tune in to the moment. Listen for the sounds around you, feel any sensations you are having, and keep all your senses at alert. Empty your mind and remain at peace with the present moment. Try this pausing ritual every now and then, so that your mind doesn’t get caught up in the daily grind and forget to experience life as it happens.
2.    Eat fresh, raw and green vegetables. The essentially of greens cannot be overstated. Juice them, create interesting salads, make soups, do whatever it takes to have them in abundant measure.
3.    Walk for exercise. Not all of us are able to set apart time for daily exercise. So walk whenever you can, on the way to your work, school or market. Use the stairs instead of the lift.
4.    Stretch regularly, while at work or while doing passive stuff like watching TV. A few simple stretches aiming at all major muscle groups keep your body agile and improves blood circulation.
5.    Stay hydrated: This is an important, but often underplayed necessity for healthy body and mind. Even mild dehydration can put our organs out of balance, and cause general weakness and irritation.
6.    Take time to connect: We are social animals, and in order to lead happy, fulfilled lives, we need more than superficial, professional interactions. We need true friendships, even if just one or two. Find time to speak to those love you, and let them know you care.

To conclude, the aim of healthy living is not to create shortcuts to attain good health while remaining busy at all times. It is learning to take pauses in between work, to collect one’s thoughts and relax oneself, so our body and mind gets the much needed rest. It is also about making healthy eating choices, giving the body natural movement and maintaining healthy relationships.

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