Sunday, 5 February 2017

Office Fitness: How To Keep Fit During Your Nine To Five

 Are you sitting down right now? Though it seems to be a part of normal, everyday routine, evidence points out the act of sitting does the body no favors, and a hell lot of damage.

We are a sitting class of working individuals, so to speak. While there has been a huge advent of all kinds of chairs to make us comfortable at the workplace- swiveling, recliner, adjustable, chaise lounge etc etc, the bad news is - sitting for too long is killing us silently.

The act of sitting lowers our metabolism, promotes obesity, and unleashes a pandora’s box of common maladies like heart disease, diabetes and arthritis, besides leading to premature death. Sitting is not something the human body is designed to do for long hours. Though having a seat everywhere and every time seems like an indispensable luxury, no amount of exercise can fully reverse the damaging effects of sitting all day long.

But most of us work for long hours in an office set up usually in front of a glaring computer screen, where one has no option but to sit right? Well there are ways to combat the ill-effects of sitting by introducing small changes to your working style.

Stand up

That might sound contradictory or outright foolish, but standing every now and then can negate the damaging effects of sitting to some extent. Stand whenever you can, whether it is to switch on the fan, reorganise your table, or have a chat across the cubicle.
Some offices incorporate sit/stand work culture where you have the option to place your computer at an elevation and work while standing. This has been found to reduce fatigue and boost performance.

Move about

If you don’t have excuses to leave your chair every half an hour, make them. Instead of asking your colleague something over chat or mail, walk over to them. Go for frequent water breaks, and (consequently!) bathroom breaks. Consider taking the stairs instead of the lift. You can even walk to and fro while talking on the phone, saving on time.

 Adjust screen height

The top of the screen should be at eye level, and one looks down at about 10 to view the screen. Viewing below this ideal height can lead to neck and back problems, while viewing above the ideal level can cause eye strain and dryness.

Workplace stretching program

Try simple and quick stretches for all major muscle groups every now and then to keep them in condition. Pay extra attention to the neck and shoulder muscles. These do not take up much time, and can be done without leaving your seat.

We are not prisoners of the chair. Our bodies are meant to be mobile, not to lead sedentary lives. Avoiding sitting for long hours at work can take time to become a lifelong habit, but the rewards are numerous. So don't waste time, go ahead and create opportunities for movement at your workplace.

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